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Executive Book of Quotes is a book of notable quotations from dozens of scholars, leaders and other well respected great people of all time.

We all face choices daily. It can sometimes seem like we stand alone when facing life’s tough decisions. Often, when I was younger and went to my father for advice, he would listen to my question, and then ask me, “What do you think you should do?” He understood that I usually had the answer to my own question if I could learn to trust my own judgment. These early lessons helped to prepare me later for becoming the first person in my immediate family to own a business. In business, I am often faced with making tough decisions, but I have been practicing since I was 5 years old (when I made my first sale) and the more decisions you make, the better you get at evaluating your options.

Evaluating what to do in business situations isn’t complex. Most children can tell you what to do. You should tell the truth, do your best, treat others like you want to be treated, be fair, and help those who need your help. These aren’t complex, but in real life, it can sometimes be hard, especially in the difficult business climate of the past few years.

I hope the contents of this book will be a helpful resource in your life. Hopefully, the thoughts and values inspired by these words can be of value to you in both your business and personal life.

This book is dedicated to my heroes: my parents, my co-workers, my clients, my family and friends. They are too numerous to mention individually, but they are the kind of business and community leaders who provide countless hours of dedication, leadership, and positive examples for everyone around them without any wish for recognition of their efforts. They are some of the finest people I’ve had the opportunity to be associated with. They have lived their lives as examples for others, not for personal reward or acclaim, but because they understand the influence of personal example.

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